Followup on last week’s blog

Last Saturday night, I worried myself sick wondering whether the prayers of intercession I had written for Sunday’s service did not make a mockery my intention of becoming a local preacher.

Something happened on Sunday morning which drove that need to impress out of my head. I arrived at church to discover that I had – for the first time – been volunteered to play the CD’s for hymns.

I am someone who likes to prepare so, if I had known I would be on music duty, I would probably have put the cd’s in order each with a post-it giving the hymn title and track number. It’s very likely that I would have had a practice sing to make sure we knew the tune. Finally, I would have made sure I knew how to use the clunky old CD player we use. And yet, it turned out ok. I let one CD run on a few seconds into the next track but it wasn’t the end of the world. The main thing is that I had an extra opportunity to serve my church and that is what I should have focused on.
Good night and God bless x


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