Palm Sunday

This week, our small church was tiny. Of our usual 10, only 3 were able to attend. There were questions about whether the service should be cancelled to save us, and the minister, a journey out. When I spoke with another church officer, though, we decided to be guided by scripture: where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them (Matthew 18 v20). While the singing was a little thready, the feeling was as warm as ever and we left refreshed in our own faith.

Earlier this week, I visited a local minister who is shortly to take up a new appointment. Having collected more books than he wants to pack and move to his new church, he sent out an offer for those who wished to come and choose some books. If they wished, they could make a charitable donation to express thanks. I chose quite a few books that I hope will be useful to me when I begin training as a Local Preacher.  This has been particularly useful as I have become very impatient to start my training.

While it might take me a while to come to a decision, I like to get straight on with things once I have.  As a result, I am really struggling with the wait to go On Note. I keep reminding myself that this is an opportunity to learn the value of patience and that I can use this time to improve my general knowledge about the methodist church. The big question, the one I find most difficult to answer is What Is A Methodist?

My findings next week.

God bless you x


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