I must overcome my impatience

When I emailed the Superintendant minister about a grant from the local worship and preaching trust, he said to ask my church.  If you haven’t read my previous posts, I need a grant to buy the books requires to train as a preacher. These books are known as a preacher’s toolkit. A good study bible, a copy of Hymns and Psalms, a Methodist Worship Book, and a suitable one-volume commentary are considered essential. Also recommended are a concordance (preferably Cruden’s), a bible dictionary, a methodist catechism and a modern translation of Wesley’s 44 sermons.  I have an NRSV bible – which is ideal for studying from – and a words copy of Hymns & Psalms (the music version is recommended). To buy the other books new would cost over £100 and, even second-hand, they would still be just shy of £70.
It probably sounds daft but I don’t have that amount of spare money. The last time I had any ‘spare’ money was in March so there is no way I can buy these myself. And neither my church nor the Superintendant minister have committed to provising funding yet.  I am finding this frustrating because I want to get on with the training hut there are several tasks in Unit 1 that require the books.

I am discovering that there is nothig quick about the process of training as a local preacher. And yet I still feel driven to preach.

Should it be this difficult? Surely the difficult part should be wrestling with the call and working to a standard pleasing to God – not the process itself.

Do we drive people from being active in the church with the procedures that have built up over time?

Good night and God bless.


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