Two posts in one day

I have just finished all but one of the tasks in Unit 1 (that task requires a book I have yet to get).

Unit 1 seemed, to me, to be a preparation exercise. It detail the people, groups and processes involved in Faith & Worship and outlines the techniques to be employed. As I have been studying pretty much non-stop for over 20 years, I felt comfortable with all of this. I think people without that background would probably want to work a little slower.

Looking at the Guide to the Training Procedure, there is a lot still to do before I can move from On Note to On Trial:
-Sign a safeguarding declaration form
-Have a mentor assigned and meet woth them
-Have a tutor assigned & meet with them
-Complete units 2 & 3
-Assist with the preparation and leading of services
-Conduct an assessed service

All of that should take about three months so I am aiming for August.

The next preacher’s meeting is next week and this will be the first time I attend.  I am really nervous. Almost as though I expect to be booted out.  In reality, I will probably sit quietly, speak to a few people and go home. And yet, I am still nervous. Strange.

God bless and keep you.


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