It’s Official!

I was placed ‘On Note’ at last nights Local Worship and Preaching Group meeting.

Despite having met many of the area’s local preachers – who are the largest contingent at the meeting – I was still really nervous to attend. I suppose I was concerned that my request would be voted down.  In the event, everyone I could see voted yes and I received so many congratulations and offers of prayers and other support that I was quite overwhelmed.

I found out who my preacher-mentor is and we made arrangements for our first meeting.  During my time On Note, we will plan and deliver services together. I will take on more of the planning and delivery each time until, in (probably) September, I have my first assessed service.  If that goes well, and I have met other training requirements, I will be placed ‘On Trial’ at the next meeting.

The other person who will be closely involved in my training is a tutor.  The tutor supports me through the written assessments and the studying required for them. A member of the meeting offered to be my tutor so, fingers crossed,  that crucial position will soon be filled also.

Having been so anxious about books, I have had an offer of more books from a retiring minister! I am unsure what the books are but I am certain they will prove useful.  This, and my experiences last night and last week, have reinforced how very blessed I have been in joining the Methodist Church.

This weekend, I will be attending an ecumenical service and I have no responsibilities which I plan on making the most of while I can.

Good night and God bless x


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