Having gone through the preaching plan for the coming quarter, I have five services with my mentor.  My mentor, initially, will plan and deliver the bulk of each service with me phasing in until I plan and deliver a final service myself as an assessment.

Even though it is for only five out of thirteen services, it is still a wrench to leave my home church.  I will miss all of this quarter’s local arrangements and one Holy Communion.

Since I have no idea who reads my blogs, I don’t know what you know so forgive me for explaining.

When our church has a local arrangement, the worship leaders come together to plan and deliver a service.  Worship leaders may not preach so we include extra hymns and readings, or meditations, in place of a sermon.

While I know my fellow worship leaders completely understand that Ihave to miss the local arrangements for training, I still feel like I am leaving them in the lurch.

It is always sad to miss Holy Communion.  It is the way we remind ourselves of God’s commitment to, and love for, each of us and an opportunity to reaffirm our commitment and love for Him.  In our church, we share Holy Communion once each month so missing a Communion service means 7 weeks without communion.  When I next meet the Superintendant Minister,  I must ask what happens about Holy Communion once (if) I go onto the plan in my own right.

Good night and God bless x


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