Under Steam

Things are getting moving here.

I received units 2 and 3 of Faith & Worship and I have had an initial read-through of unit 2. Whereas unit 1 focused on preparing for study, some of unit 2 reminds me of the training I completed to become a worship leader.

The sections are:
The Nature of Worship – appears similar to worship leader training
The Liturgical Cycle – not unfamiliar for anyone who has attended church for some time.
The Sermon – the role of the sermon and its preparation
Preparing a Service – again, much of this is familar because of my experience as a Worship Leader
On The Day – how to present yourself. I feel quite confident about this having spoken regularly in public for about 20 years.
I am looking forward to working through this unit and the new or more in depth information ot contains.

I have yet to read unit 3 but it is called ‘Jesus through the eyes of Mark’ and, as well as four sevtions on the Gospel, it contains an in-depth section on preparing a service – presumably the trial-service.

Next week, I will have my first meeting with my mentor during which we will discuss how we will plan and deliver services together this Summer.  The following week, I have a meeting with my acting-tutor (the superintendant minister) to talk through however much study I have completed by then. I imagine he will expect to see that I have engaged wih the training material and not rushed through to get it out of the way.  This is an opportunity for personal growth because I do tend to work at a fair pace so holding back and reflecting will be very good for me – and for my future preaching.

Good Evening and God Bless x


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