Planning a Service

Following last week’s meeting with my preacher-mentor M, I knew the theme of our first service as well as the readings, the hymns and what I have to prepare and what I have to deliver.

Thanks to one of my regular bouts of sleeplessness, I made a start on my preparations this morning.

I started in prayer, asking God to guide my words in his work. After all, how can I do his work if I haven’t asked what he wants me to do?

The next task was to reread the readings and have a look for useful phrases for the prayers I will be writing. Since the service is on Ascension Sunday, I also read a couple of short discussions on the significance of the day to help me get into the correct frame of mind.

For those not versed in scripture, Ascension celebrates the resurrected Jesus leaving his disciples to return to heaven and prepare for us to join him there.

When I am writing anything, I usually start off with phrases I want to use. I refine these and play with the order before linking them together. Then I read what I have written to check for repetitions,  tongue-twisters and rhythm.

I start a new line whenever I want to pause in my reading.

And I write down everything – and I mean everything. Instructions for placement. Amens. The Lord’s Prayer – in full. Every word that needs to come out of my mouth will be written down. Because I really really do not want to be standing at the lectern at my first training service looking like a fish out of water.

I had almost finished when potential disaster struck – the computer decided to shut itself down to do updates. Which takes ages. This was not a normal shutdown. It took nearly twenty minites to get back on and check that everything had saved.  And, thank God, it had.

All that is left to do is email it to M for feedback. Oh, and to deliver it on Sunday.

Have a wonderful day. God bless you and keep you x


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