I am certain that the prayers I have written for tomorrow are as good as I can make them.

I am confident that I will present them, and the readings, as well as I can.


I feel ill. 

What if my best is not good enough?

What if I should have carried on ignoring my call to preach?

What if I not only fail to bring people closer to God but manage to turn them away (not at all arrogant there Helles!).

What if I over-express?

What if I under-express?

Was my tutor’s description of my prayer of adoration, confession and thanksgiving as ‘poetic’ a good thing or a bad thing?

I know I will be there. I know I will do my best. I can only pray that will be good enough for God’s purpose.

I have, hopefully, attached a media file of a run through I did earlier (it is on a separate post). Any advice will be gratefully received.

God bless you and keep you x


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