A Busy Week

This week I have had meetings with both my tutor and my mentor.

The tutor’s role is to support a trainee preacher as he or she progresses through Faith and Worship.  The meeting involved discussing the course to date and checking the answers I had written for the questions asked in the unit.  As I had finished unit 1 and started unit 2, we worked through all of that. S (my trainer) suggested wider perspectives than I had discerned and I was able to add his insights to my notes.

On Thursday, I met with M – my mentor. M’s role is to support me as I learn to develop and deliver services.  We discussed last Sunday’s service.  She said I have a good, clear voice. She thought the prayers I had written were well – balanced and well-delivered but that the silences I had allowed for reflection were too long. I agree with that but cannot help but wonder if it felt longer to us because we were unable to fully engage due to our responsibilities in the service. I will try shorter silences next time I use reflection as an aid to prayer and see what effect that has.

We also started planning the next service.  My first sermon (well, part of a sermon) will be on Trinity Sunday. I have been assured by several preachers that this is the most difficult sermon of the year.  When I was reading up online, I came across a website that said there are two types of Christians: those who know they do not understand the trinity and those who do not know that they do not understand the trinity.  It was certainly a major barrier to the development of my faith: there are three persons of God. Each person of God equal and is fully God. It is like a riddle. I had come to the conclusion that there is little point in trying to use my tiny human brain to understand a divine issue and that I should focus on how I experience the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Now that I am training as a preacher, I need to revisit the issue and work out how to be able to speak about it without commiting heresy or collapsing with mental exhaustion.  Or both!

God bless you and keep you x


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