The preparation for yesterday’s sermon

This topic was assigned following a discussion between my mentor and I when we decided to stick to the theme of Trinity Sunday.

Step 1: I brainstormed ideas about the topic (the Holy Spirit), use the Internet to search for inspiration and readings.


Notes from my planning boom

Step 2: This was my first go at writing the sermon. I did this in longhand because it made it easier to add to whenever inspiration struck. This was written in three sessions.



Step 3: This was typed up. I read it out loud to myself and made amendments. I then sent it to my mentor for checking.

Step 4: I made the amendments suggested by my mentor (a couple of introductory sentences). I read it into a voice recorder. I made further amendments as I listened to the recording.


I added potential breathing breaks (green lines).

Step 5: deliver sermon.

Sounds so easy!

Good night and God bless x

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