When I first came to preaching, I thought it would enhance my personal Bible study by increasing my knowledge of the books and of their origins. While my knowledge is growing, my personal Bible study is non-existent.

I am spending more time studying the Bible each week overall but it is for Faith & Worship and for writing worship material – and it is not daily.

I don’t know if it matters why I am studying the Bible but it feels to me like it does so I tell myself to make sure I am still spending the same amount of time at my daily devotions. 

‘Myself’ does not listen!

This has been bothering me for some time and I have been worrying whether I am a fraud to be training as a preacher despite not opening the Bible every day.

Thanks to a BBC programme about weight loss, I know why I am not studying every day. When people start exercising a few times a week, their activity levels increase overall but drop on the days they do not exercise.  This is called compensation.  Presumably this is why, despite doing substantially more Bible study overall, I am doing less each day.

How to fix it though? The programme recommended tracking activity levels using pedometers which is not particularly useful for me but I did wonder about keeping a diary. If anyone has any experience of doing this, please leave a comment letting me know what you did and whether it brought you closer to God.

Good afternoon and God bless x


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